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Crack the Secret Message

Crack the code is one of my favorite activities for kids that are practicing writing, spelling and reading. It's so much fun for them to decode the secret message! We always like to make it a funny message or an action so that it's an interactive activity. This might just be the beginning of learning about coding and cryptography.


  • Easy


  • Papers

  • Marker


  1. Write the alphabet letters in one piece of paper and assign them a number. This would be the key needed to decode the secret message.

  2. Come up with a message.

  3. On a second piece of paper write a blank space for each letter in the secret message and number each one of them using the previous key.

  4. Have the kids decode the message using the key in step #1.

  5. Always make the activity super fun for them!


  • Letter recognition

  • Learning the alphabet letters

  • Spelling words

  • Reading words


  • Adult supervision required for any of these activities. Please supervise and make sure children participating are safe. Read instructions and the safety labels from each used materials.


  • This blog post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. I may receive a commission for purchase made through links in this post.



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