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Gears using LEGO STEAM Park

My kids love LEGO bricks and STEM. For that reason LEGO education was the perfect addition to our playroom. They spend hours playing and learning about different STEAM topics. Besides learning it also promotes collaboration, communication and problem solving. Kids learn while they play and don't even notice it! So much fun!

What is STEAM Park?

The LEGO Education STEAM Park set includes lots of pieces such as gears, wheels, pulleys, ramps, spinners, and more. In addition to the physical items, it comes with a teacher guide with lessons and activities.

The provided activities are designed to teach children concepts including:

  • How and why things roll, and predict and measure distances using non-standard units

  • How and why things float, and design and test sails

  • Probability, making predictions, and recording data

  • Different forms of art, and creating and role-playing a show

  • How gears work

  • Cause and effect by creating chain reactions



Observing the following skills can help you monitor whether the kids are developing the necessary competencies in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

  • Using technology such as simple gears and wheels in appropriate ways

  • Asking questions about science and technology related concepts

  • Experimenting/testing “what would happen if” questions

  • Observing and describing what happens



  • Love that it comes with lesson books. Lessons explain STEM topics you can learn and questions to ask the kids.

  • It does not take a long time to build each full system.

  • Visual instructions to follow.

  • Fun for pre-schoolers/elementary kids.


  • Messy

  • Needs storage. It comes in a medium size big box.

  • A bit expensive!



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