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Liquid Nightlight 💡

What is MEL Science?

Educational subscription boxes with breathtaking hands-on experiments, powered by immersive AR & VR lessons and live online classes. Our products are a great fit for aspiring scientists ages 5–14, science teachers, schools, and homeschooling parents.

What is the MEL Science purpose?

We are breaking the stereotype that science is boring, difficult, and only for certain types of people. We strive to make serious science accessible, interesting, and cool. Science is about exploration, experiments, discovery, and asking questions – all of which comes naturally to all children. We believe that every child is a scientist.

We help nurture children’s natural interest in science by giving them:

  • fun hands-on experiments to engage

  • serious, detailed explanations to learn

  • VR and AR technologies to dive deeper

What is in the Luminescence box?

You may know that light can trigger processes in certain objects—just think of how plants produce oxygen when the sun shines on them. But light can do so much more! Learn about light energy and some of its applications with the “Luminescence” set by MEL Science.

You will build:

  • Many glowing pictures

  • Liquid nightlight

  • Device to draw mysterious pictures with light

You will learn:

  • How to leave notes that are invisible to others

  • Construct your own fluorescent nightlight

  • How to draw with light



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