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Sail Car using LEGO BricQ

My kids love LEGO bricks and STEM. For that reason LEGO education was the perfect addition to our playroom. They spend hours playing and learning about different STEAM topics. Besides learning it also promotes collaboration, communication and problem solving. Kids learn while they play and don't even notice it! So much fun!

What is LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential ?

The LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential set engages grade K-5 students in the exploration of physical science within a sports context. BricQ Motion helps foster an understanding of forces, motion, and interactions by providing easy hands-on learning experiences without the need for technology.

  • Printed building instructions and replacement elements are included for easy classroom management.

  • New numbered tiles facilitate visual math practice, making math more relevant, creative, and fun.

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential engages elementary school students in STEAM learning as they experiment with forces, motion, and interactions within a sports context. Part of the LEGO® Learning System, BricQ Motion Essential helps foster an understanding of physical science by providing easy, hands-on learning experiences without the need for technology. Students will experience cool “aha” moments as they set bricks in motion.



Facilitate a discussion about how wind is a force that pushes and pulls, and how sails are shaped to capture that force most effectively. Ask questions, like: How does a sail car move? (The wind pushes it.) Can you see the wind? (No, but you can see the effects of the wind.) If the students need a little guidance, help them by asking: How many different sail shapes did you see in the video? Which shape and size sail do you think will work best?



  • Love that it comes with lesson books. Lessons explain STEM topics you can learn and questions to ask the kids.

  • So many STEM topics to learn/discuss.

  • Easy instructions.

  • Fun for the kids all ages!


  • Messy

  • Needs storage. It comes in a small size box.

  • A bit expensive.



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