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Building Art Bots

Building an art bot is a fun and engaging project for kids of all ages. It allows them to explore the intersection of technology and art and develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. So, next time you're looking for a fun and educational activity to do with your kids, give building an art bot a try!


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  1. Let your kids create the face of the art bots. They can use whatever they want to decore the cup: paint, googly eyes, cotton, anything to make the bot come alive.

  2. Once you have the face of the bot you can move on to use the electric tape or any other tape you have around your house to put the legs together. You should have at least have 4 markers. Space them equally.

  3. Now to the heart of the robot! Attach the battery pack to the DC motor by wrapping the wire around the leads on the motor. Twist and secure with electric tape. Tape the motor and battery holder on top of the cup.

  4. Pin the bottle cork to the mini motor.

  5. Take off the caps of the markers. Place the robot on top of a blank piece of paper and turn it on.

  6. Lastly have fun with all the new designs created by this artistic robot!

HOWs and WHYs

The art bot has an unbalanced motor that makes it move in different ways. In this case the cork makes the motor unbalanced and as the motor moves/vibrates it causes the art bot to move, leaving the design drawn by the markers.


  • Adult supervision required for any of these activities. Please supervise and make sure children participating are safe. Read instructions and the safety labels from each material.


  • This blog post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. I may receive a commission for purchase made through links in this post.


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