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Building a Spider Bot

We built a spider bot for Halloween and it was a hit! We loved watching the spider "crawl" on different surfaces. We took the spider-bot outside and talked about the spider life cycle.


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  1. Cut 4 pieces of wire to make the legs. About 8 inches.

  2. Bend the wire into a leg shaped around the battery pack. Make sure you get an even "u" shape. Repeat 4 times.

  3. Glue the legs to the battery pack. Make sure you are not gluing it to the opening of the pack.

  4. Now to the heart of the robot! Attach the battery pack to the DC motor by wrapping the wire around the leads on the motor. Cover with electric tape.

  5. Glue the motor to the back of the battery pack.

  6. Decorate the spider with googly eyes, hair or anything you want.

  7. Turn on the spider bot and have fun.


  • Why does the spider move?

  • How can we make the spider walk in a straight line?

HOWs and WHYs

The spider bot has an unbalanced motor that makes it move in different ways. In this case the cork makes the motor unbalanced and as the motor moves/vibrates it causes the dance bot to move.


  • Adult supervision required for any of these activities. Please supervise and make sure children participating are safe. Read instructions and the safety labels from each material.


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